Truth be told, we don’t wear tights and capes.

But we will fight for you — to make sure that you have a great website that does what you need it to do. We will leap over design challenges and technical problems to get you a site you can be proud of, a site that promotes, sells, and communicates.

By using the many themes available for WordPress, we are able to give you an effective website that looks contemporary, and build it quickly and conveniently for you, with all the features you need. Plus, we help you market your company and your products. We can assist you with SEO, benefit-driven copywriting, guiding your brand development, and your graphic design needs. Our strength is consumer-friendly marketing and communications that everyone can understand.

Our people

Carl Thoren
Developer, Designer, Copywriter

Carl has a long background in Web Development, Copywriting, and Graphic Design. He started learning how to develop websites as soon as he heard about the World Wide Web. While working for a newspaper, he convinced the publisher that this web thing wasn’t just a fad, then built and managed the paper’s very first website.

After working as a designer in the newspaper and financial industries, he switched to Copywriting. He has worked on projects for some of the world’s largest agencies, including Landor Associates, MRM, and Hill and Knowlton, writing for large international brands like Haier, BEA, Microsoft, Volvo, GE Money, Burger King, and Axiata.

He is passionate about great writing and design, and loves WordPress as both a publishing platform and a Content Management System. His goal is to help small businesses be more competitive and successful.