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DomainWerx is your marketing and communications partner. We learn your needs and help you get the results you are looking for. We help you create strategies that reach your target audiences more effectively.

Here are our basic services:

WordPress Installation and Site Customization

Get WordPress, the theme of your choice, and a suite of powerful plugins. How cool is that? Our approach to building a website gets you an amazing website, quickly and conveniently. Instead of having to reinvent the website wheel by designing a site from scratch (and going through endless rounds of revisions), we take advantage of the 1000s of already awesome site designs available for WordPress.

Shopping Cart Installation

There’s no getting around it: Shopping Carts are a Beast. We’ve fought with several kinds, tamed them, and bent them to our will. Now you can put our fighting skills to work for you. We’ll have you selling on the web, fast.

Cost: $250 for cart installation and 1 hour of setup time, plus cost of any plugins and extras. If you need more than this, let us know and we’ll try to help you.
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Site Watch: Weekly Monitoring and Maintenance

Your website is super important to your business. You want to make sure it stays backed-up and free of spam and hackers, with your theme, plugins, and WordPress installation upgraded to the most current version available. Sure, you and your staff could do this, too — but you have more important work to do. Have us do it, you can be sure that someone you can trust is watching over your site and keeping it performing at its peak.
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Site Maintenance and Upgrades

Backups, upgrades, site security, cleaning out the spam — it all takes time and energy. Have us do it for you, so you and your staff can focus on the important work you need to do. We’ll make a full backup before doing an upgrade, to ensure that if something goes wrong (it rarely does, but hey, it happens), your site can be restored quickly and conveniently.

Rate: $100 per hour.
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Other Services


A website with no words is just an empty shell. And a website with ineffective text does nothing for you. Have us write your web copy and you’ll get a website that communicates your message and motivates people to purchase your products and services. We provide high quality copy that focuses on the benefits — using language that everyone can understand.

PPC and Google Adwords ads

If you run Google Adwords ads or other Pay Per Click ads to bring customers to your site, then your ads need to be focused and effective. Get more people to click by having us write them. You’ll get the benefit of our years of direct response experience — which will help you make more sales.

Marketing reviews

Sometimes you have the sense that your marketing efforts aren’t working for you as well as they could be. Maybe you wonder if your site is turning people off, or your copy is confusing people. Is there something wrong with your SEO? Is the navigation confusing? Is your site unprofessional looking?

Hire us to do a site review and we’ll give your site a good, honest assessment. We’ll use our vast design, copywriting, direct response, and branding experience to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong, and doing right.

Brand development

How do you want to position yourself in the marketplace? What is your company’s story? What is your “superpower”? We can help you define your brand and present it to the world. Talk to us about how we can help you with your identity and brand strategy.

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