WordPress Recommendations

People often what the best resources are for hosting and developing their website. Here are some of our WordPress recommendations for services and products that will help you create a powerful WordPress site.


These are the two hosts we’ve used the most and like the most. Both use C-Panel for administration, and we’ve generally had no problems and good experiences with customer support.

Our go-to web host. Good prices, good hosting. Their servers always seem to work fast and have very little downtime. If you’re looking to get hosting from them, tell us and we can get you a good discount.

Blue Host
We’ve also had good experiences with this hosting service. Day in, day out, they provide reliable service and good support, and are very affordable. Like Hostgator, they have a good reputation with web developers.

Domain Name Registrars

A registrar is where you buy your domain names. We highly recommend that you keep your web hosting and domain name accounts separate. This keeps things easier in the long run, in our hard-earned experience. In addition, hosting companies are experts in hosting, not in domain names — and vice versa.

They provide excellent service, no BS, low prices, and no annoying up-selling and spamming. Our favorite. Their system is easy-to-use and understand. A tip: look on their blog for monthly domain name discounts that will save you a dollar or two on each domain name you buy.

The Genesis theme framework is our favorite! We use their child themes as often as possible. Their themes are easy to customize and configure, and when you do have difficulties, their support forum is absolutely the best.

The great thing about Headway is that it lets you design your own site using a drag and drop interface.

Woo Themes
Lots of great themes to choose from.

Elegant Themes
These themes are not easily customizable, in our experience, but they generally look good out of the box. If you like how they look and don’t want to change much beyond the theme’s options, go for it.

Theme Forest
Thousands of themes to choose from! Some are built better than others, but you’re sure to find some that you like.

The original framework, and some would say it’s still the best. We’re StudioPress/Genesis folks ourselves, but can’t deny that Thesis has it’s charms.

There are a lot of great plugins that are available for free. But the one thing we haven’t found a good free version of is a plugin that does great forms.

Gravity Forms
For power and ease-of-use, you can’t beat Gravity Forms. Only downside as far as we’re concerned is that you have to pay a yearly license.

Shopping Carts

You need a shopping cart plugin to turn your WordPress site into a full-scaled e-Commerce site.

Our current favorite for how it looks and works. You can put it on your site for free, but will need to purchase additional modules to improve functionality. Fortunately, the modules don’t cost much.

People love this one. It’s full of options and can be customized relatively easily. Downside is that you have to pay for it yearly, so make sure that’s it’s really the best one for you and that you want to commit to it.


Great for checking your SEO and improving your copy. Scribe helps you choose keywords, optimize your text, and increase your traffic.

Sales and Lead Generation

We love Premise for easily creating landing pages. Premise is a plugin that works with any WordPress site, and it includes great copywriting advice and over 1000 custom graphics. It also lets you create membership areas and do split testing.


Super Hero Stuff
Whatever you’re into, whoever you want to be, you can find what you need here!